Places of balance

FISCHBÄNKE. An oasis of peace

The most original bar in Bolzano develops around the marble tables of the former fishmongers of Via Streiter. Around the Fischbänke of Cobo, true master of the art of living, people of all kinds meet culture. A place to stop for a moment, enjoy an aperitif or a bruschetta.

THE PRATI OF TALVERA. A meeting place

The Prati del Talvera along the banks of the homonymous river represent the green heart of the city. The meadows connect the historic center from the new city, the modern Museion and the impressive Castel Roncolo. The people of Bolzano want to stroll along the meadows, linger in the shade of the trees and find a little peace.

S. MADDALENA. The hill of the vineyards

On the sunny slopes of the S. Maddalena hill near Bolzano, the best vineyards of South Tyrol extend. At sunset you can watch a unique natural spectacle: the marvelous Catinaccio di Re Laurino, which blazes in the red of the evening.

SALTEN. The largest expanse of larches in Europe

The plateau of the Salto extends from San Genesio to Meltina up to Verano, and offers wonderful panoramic views to hikers, cyclists and riders. The sunny terraces of the taverns and trattorias in the area invite you to pleasant stops.

I "STOANERNEN MANDLN". The stone Minifigures

From the legendary "Hohe Reisch" plateau in the Sarentino Alps, the view extends from the Marmolada to the Ortles and to the entire Dolomite landscape. The magic of the place is particularly evocative in the days a little 'gloomy, at dawn and at sunset.

MONTICOLO. Woods and lakes

The numerous paths that cross the area of ​​Monticolo allow you to fill up with energy and exhale pure air. The idyllic corners along the shores of the lakes of Monticolo that enchant for their intense emerald green color invite to spend moments of authentic relaxation, and to make beautiful swims and sunbathing.

PATH OF PEACE. From San Antonio to Castelvecchio

Seven points of meditation stimulate the hiker to reflect. The five themes on which it develops, Moderation, Intelligence, Justice, Faith and Hope, have been illustrated by local artists and harmoniously inserted into the environment. The "courage" (6th thematic) is exhibited in the Rastenbach gorge, while "love" (7th thematic) is illustrated around the basilica of St. Peter.


Legendary figures and biblical scenes, in addition to creatures more or less imaginary drawn from the animal kingdom, surround a lovely pond that today as then manages to surprise and enchant visitors, who can enjoy an excellent snack under ancient trees.

VINERIA PARADEIS. The door of paradise

The Vineria Paradeis in the idyllic village of Magrè invites you to get to know the world of the biological-dynamic viticulture of Alois Lageder, taste organic specialties, stroll through the garden and forget the daily frenzy.

CAURIA. A place of peace and tranquility

The idyllic Cauria, a mountain village that extends to 1000 m s.l.m. in the area of ​​the Monte Corno Natural Park just above Salorno, it has always attracted people in search of tranquility and lovers of good food. A place to rest and enjoy excellent local specialties. At the Maso Fichtenhof you can immerse yourself in the Slow-Food kitchen.

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